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Hi everyone, I’m Judah. I’m an eccentric 8 year old boy that enjoys video editing, crafting, youtube, toys, video games, board games, nerf war and more! I made this site to collect and show other kids my videos and the best of toys & games! Enjoy đŸ™‚

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Mr. A Game, The Basement, My personal reviews, and more

Selected Youtube Channels of video game play throughs & where to buy latest video games.

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How to make videos, fun crafts, Nerf mods, game mods, & more!


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This is my blog everybody. This is where I’m posting stuff I do!


Another picture I drew of #link from my #ocarinaoftime #zelda book. .
#NintendoSpace #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #Cosplay #Costume #Link #BreathOfTheWild @nintendo @zelda_breath_of_the_wild.imgs #ocarinaoftime @nintendoville #ocarina #papercrafts #kidsofig #paper #paperart #artofig #videogames

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My newest and most fun tool- @roland_us TD-1 hooked up to #melodics :: LINK IN BIO to know more on how to use Melodics .
#melodicstutorial #td1 #electricdrums #edrumming #roland #videotutorials #judahboy #kiddrummer #drummingforkids

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My birthday ? is coming up and for my video game themed party my mom @henna_by_kelly_caroline made me a Mario coin the size of my head with her @officialcricut !!.
#cricutmaker #kidsofig #cricut #clothingdiy #artofig #videogames #cricutmade #cricutcrafts #mario #8bit #supermario #nintendo @nintendo #nintendominute #papercrafts

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About Me

A Midwest Boy’s Likes

Growin up in the mid-west is amazing. My favorites are art, bike riding on my mountain bike, snow, Christmas & holiday decorations, and Maremma sheepdogs (I have big fluffy wolf!) Some more of favorites are sharing all these with you! Thats why I make my videos and this site! So if you want to know more about my likes, explore these things here! 

Maremma Sheepdogs

Maremmas are Italian sheepdogs. My dog, Wolfie, is 2nd generation born in America. I have collected my favorite images and videos of Maremmas for you here. Also, I have experience with Maremmas to share with you.


Christmas is coming, so I decided to prep my website with all these special edition videos! I edited some my self, and also collected toy reviews 2018, decoration how-to videos, and more.

My Videos

These are videos I have edited my self for creative & fun content. Enjoy!

Art & Crafts

Since I’m a kid, I want to share only arts & crafts that You might find fun too. Here is some crafts I have done, and would like to do in the future.

Kids Tips

Here are my tips on video editing, software, and more.


My Vision

I want this site to show people how creative a child is and to inspire other kids and people to be creative in their own way. I hope you like my site, I worked with my dad to complete the amazing design.

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Send me your video or craft ideas & pictures and I’ll check em out!

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